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2021 NBA Draft Results and Instant Analysis

Here’s the 2021 mock draft

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1-2TeamPlayerInstant Analysis – 7/29/21 and 7/30/21
1PistonsCade Cunningham PG – Oklahoma State – HT**: 6-8 – WT: 220 – WING: 7-0 1/4 – Fr – Cade joins a nice group of young talent in Detroit; a team that has been down and out for years but is finally putting the pieces together to get back to winning basketball. Cade and Killian Hayes is somewhat of an awkward backcourt duo but there should be plenty of touches to go around. Cade’s passing will be of great benefit to Bey, Grant, Stewart and the rest of the young core.
2 RocketsJalen GreenSG – G League Ignite – HT: 6-6 – WT: 180 – WING: 6-7 1/2 – USA02 – The Rockets add the most dynamic scorer in the draft. After years of watching James Harden light it up in Houston the Rockets have quickly found a new dynamic scoring guard to replace him. They went into full rebuild mode and played their cards right and now have an elite young talent to build around. With two more picks to come later in round 1 and some young pieces in place things are looking up for the Rockets. Congrats to the franchise for one of the most successful tank jobs in recent memory.
3 CavsEvan MobleyC – USC – HT: 7-0 – WT: 195 – WING: NA – Fr – The Cavs land the most promising big man to enter the league in years. Mobley has elite upside and has a huge impact on both ends of the floor. He’d be the top player off the board in some drafts but the depth of this class has him fall to no.3. He’s an elite rim protector and a versatile defender who can guard all over the court. He’s skinny and will have to get stronger but once he does the league better watch out. The Cavs are starting to look good with Garland, Okoro, Allen and now Mobley as a solid young core.
4RaptorsScottie Barnes SF – Florida State – HT: 6-8 – WT: 225 – WING: 7-2 3/4 – Fr – The Raptors load up with another big wing in Scottie Barnes, who is a unique player; a 6-8 point-forward with elite play-making ability and one of the better defenders in the league from day one. He’s one of the most intense players you’ll ever see and brings great energy to his team. The Raptors were long rumored to be high on Barnes but had to pass on Suggs to make this selection, now those two will always be linked in their careers.
5MagicJalen SuggsPG – Gonzaga – HT: 6-4 – WT: 198 – WING: 6-5 – Fr – Suggs falls into the Magic’s lap at no.5, a perfect fit who will help set the culture in Orlando with his intensity and leadership. He’s a versatile guard who can play on or off the ball and should be a great fit next to Cole Anthony. Suggs should be ready to impact in year one and could help change the fortunes of the Magic franchise. Some boards had Suggs rated in the top 3 – Orlando’s getting a great value here.
6ThunderJosh GiddeyPG – Adelaide (Australia) – HT: 6-8 – WT: 205 – WING: 6-8 – Int02 – The Thunder swing for the fences with the young Australian point guard. The 6-8 18 year-old is an elite passer with extra-sensory court vision and the ability to make every pass on the court. He’s an interesting fit next to SGA (assuming SGA isn’t traded for a package of first round picks). The Thunder have a long rebuild ahead of them and can afford to bring Giddey along slowly. This might seem a bit high for Giddey but he’s a special talent who has a chance to be really good in the league.
7Warriors (from Wolves)Jonathan KumingaSF – G League Ignite (Congo) – HT: 6-7 – WT: 217 – WING: 7-2 – USA02 – The Warriors shopped this pick for weeks but end up staying put and drafting the high upside wing in Kuminga. He’s got elite physical tools and as much upside as any player left on the board. If his outside shot comes along he’ll be a terror in the league. The Warriors are in win-now mode and might still be hoping to add a star player in exchange for some of these young assets but for now Kuminga projects as a possible centerpiece of the next generation of Warriors basketball. It will be interesting to see how much he can offer in year 1 and 2.
8Magic (from Bulls)Franz WagnerSF – Michigan (Germany) – HT: 6-9 – WT: 205 – WING: 6-8 – So – The Magic use their second lottery selection to grab Franz Wagner, the talented wing from Michigan. Franz is extremely young for his class, has a ton of versatility and plays a great team game. He might not be a star but projects as an elite roll player…with plenty of upside still to develop. He’s a great fit with the young Magic core, bringing ball-movement, heady offensive play and outstanding versatility on D.
9KingDavion MitchellPG – Baylor – HT: 6-1 1/4- WT: 202 – WING: 6-4 1/4 – Jr – Davion Mitchell is a great player but this one is a head scratcher. The Kings are loaded at guard with Fox and Hali but now add Mitchell for potentially a 3 guard line-up. Drafting older players in the top 10 is risky but Mitchell is a dynamic athlete and elite defender who brings a new dimension to the Kings.
10Grizzlies (from Pelicans)Ziaire WilliamsSF – Stanford – HT: 6-9 3/4 – WT: 188 – WING: 6-10 1/4 – Fr – The Grizzlies traded up to no.10 and take the lanky forward Williams, who didn’t have a great season last year but has all the talent in the world. He was a bit lower on my board and I wonder if the Grizzlies could have gotten him later in the draft but he is a nice fit with the other young Grizzlies. If this pick was made at no.17 I’d be all for it. At no.10 it seems like a bit of stretch.
11HornetsJames BouknightSG – UConn – HT: 6-4 3/4 – WT: 190 – WING: 6-8 1/4 – So – Bouknight falls a bit farther than expected but lands in a great situation playing alongside LaMelo in Charlotte. He’s one of the more dynamic scorers in the draft who moves well off the ball and will really benefit from playing with an elite level pg. He can also get his own offense and has a lethal pull-up game.
12SpursJosh PrimoSG – Alabama (Canada) – HT: 6-5 – WT: 189 – WING: 6-9 1/4 – Fr – The first big shocker of the draft! Primo is a big time talent and the youngest player in the draft but was widely considered as more of a mid to late first rounder. If there’s any organization who can develop his talents it’s the Spurs. This could work out well but it’s still a shocker that Primo goes no.12. You have to wonder how low Primo would have gone if the Spurs didn’t take him here. Could they have traded down and still gotten him?
13PacersChris DuarteSG – Oregon – HT: 6-6 – WT: 190 – WING: NA – Sr – The Pacers go with a steady, NBA ready player who might not have the highest upside but is a safe pick who should provide an instant impact in Indiana. He’s a great shooter, a versatile defender who plays a heady game. It might not be a sexy pick but Duarte is damn good. The Warriors were madly in love with Duarte so if he hadn’t been taken here he would have gone next.
14WarriorsMoses MoodySG – Arkansas – HT: 6-6 – WT: 210 – WING: 7-0 3/4 – Fr – The Warriors get a big time talent who fits their system perfectly. He’s a top 10 talent who has big upside and is also ready to contribute as a 3 and D guy early in his career. He’s very young for his class and will get to develop in a great situation with the Warriors.
15WizardsCorey KispertSF – Gonzaga – HT: 6-7 1/4 – WT: 224 – WING: 6-7 – Sr – The theme of older players getting drafted early continues as the Wizards at Kispert at no.15. He’s a nice fit in D.C. who should have an early impact but there were higher upside players on the board who they might regret passing on when we look back in a few years.
16 Rockets (from Thunder)Alperen SengünPF – Besiktas (Turkey) – HT: 6-10 – WT: 240 – WING: NA – Int.02 – The Rocket trade two future first rounders to move into the 16th spot and grab Alperen Sengün, the dynamic Turkish big man. This is a bold move and gives the Rockets a great scoring talent on the interior to go along with the high scoring Jalen Green. Sengün could have gone much earlier and teams will regret passing on him.
17 Pelicans (from Grizzlies)Trey Murphy IIISF – Virginia – HT: 6-9 3/4 – WT: 206 – WING: 7-0 – Jr – The Pelicans trade back to no.17 and get a veteran wing who should be able to step in and play a 3 and D roll early in his career. Murphy III is a special 3pt shooter with great size and length who plays with poise and solid decision making.
18Thunder (from Heat)Tre MannSG – Florida – HT: 6-4 1/4- WT: 177 – WING: 6-4 – So – The Thunder go with another guard in Mann who is a sweet 3pt shooter who’s got great handles and can get his own shot. It’ll be interesting to see the line-ups in OKC with SGA, Giddey, Dort and Mann.
19Hornets (from Knicks)Kai JonesPF – Texas (Bahamas) – HT: 6-11 1/2 – WT: 221 – WING: 7-1 3/4 – So – The Hornets give the Knicks a future first round pick to move into the 19th spot to select Kai Jones. Jones is one of the highest upside players in this class who has elite movement skills for a 6-11 player and developing perimeter skills. This is a swing for the fences pick. I love it!
20HawksJalen JohnsonPF – Duke – HT: 6-9 1/4- WT: 210 – WING: 7-0 1/4 – Fr – The Hawks get one of the premier talents in the draft in Jalen Johnson, who only fell this far because of some off the court concerns. He’s a special talent; a big time athlete, a great rebounder and outstanding passer for a PF. Well worth the risk at no.20.
21Clippers (from Knicks)Keon JohnsonSG – Tennessee – HT: 6-4 3/4 – WT: 185 – WING: 6-7 1/4 – Fr – The Clippers trade up with the Knicks and add the high flying Keon Johnson, a kid who has a chance to develop into a special NBA player. He’s got top 10 upside and could have gone much higher in the draft. This is a potential steal at no.21.
22Pacers (from Lakers)Isaiah JacksonPF – Kentucky – HT: 6-10 1/2 – WT: 206 – WING: 7-2 1/2 – Fr – The Pacers make the move for Isaiah Jackson (from Lakers via Wizards), adding one of the best shot blockers in the draft class. He’s a nice addition to the frontcourt along side Sabonis, bringing a new dimension as a rim protector and versatile defender.
23Rockets (from Blazers)Usman GarubaPF – Real Madrid (Spain) – HT: 6-9 – WT: 230 – WING: 7-2 – Int.02 – A steal at no.23, Usman is one of the best defenders in the draft and has a motor that won’t quit. The Rockets are loading up with talent, adding some big time talents in a draft that will set the tone for the franchise going forward.
24Rockets (from Bucks)Josh Christopher SG – Arizona State – HT: 6-4 1/2 – WT: 215 – WING: 6-9 1/4 – Fr – The Rockets add another scoring guard as part of their reload. Christopher is a big, strong athlete who can bully his way to the rim and get his own shot from mid range. He’s got a ways to go as a shooter and his shot selection leaves something to be desired but the talent is definitely there.
25Knicks (from Clippers) Quentin GrimesSG – Houston – HT: 6-5 1/4 – WT: 210 – WING: 6-8 – Jr – This is such a Thibs pick. Grimes is a solid all around talent who helped himself a ton at the NBA combine, dominating in the scrimmages. He’s not the highest upside player but a nice value here.
26NuggetsNah’Shon “Bones” Hyland PG – VCU – HT: 6-3 1/2 – WT: 169 – WING: 6-9 1/4 – So – The Nuggets needed to add a perimeter scorer and get one of the best 3pt shooters in the draft who should really benefit from playing alongside the great passing of Jokic. Bones has impressed in pre-draft workouts, showing off his deep range and deadly accuracy from outside.
Cam Thomas
SG – LSU – HT: 6-3 – WT: 175 – WING: NA – Fr – The Nets add one of the premier scorers in the class, an undersized shooting guard who doesn’t do much on defense and doesn’t pass the rock but can get buckets. Could be a spark plug off the bench.
2876ersJaden SpringerSG – Tennessee – HT: 6-4 – WT: 204 – WING: 6-7 3/4 – Fr – Springer has a chance to be one of the biggest steals of the draft. As one of the youngest players in the class he’s poised beyond his years and plays with savvy and high basketball IQ.
29Nets (from Suns)Day-Ron SharpePF – UNC – HT: 6-11 – WT: 265 – WING: NA – Fr – Sharpe is a big time talent who was somewhat buried on a deep UNC team but is an outstanding rebounder, especially on the offensive end, and is a skilled passer with an emerging offensive game.
30Grizzlies (from Jazz)Santi Aldama
 C – Loyola (MD) (Spain) – HT: 6-11 – WT: 215 – WING: NA – So – A big surprise here, as Aldama was widely considered as more of a late second round guy. He’s got size and offensive talent but might be a few years away from contributing. Interesting pick here by the Grizz.

2021 NBA Mock Draft

1-2TeamPlayerInstant Analysis
31Wizards (from Rockets)Isaiah Todd PF – G League Ignite – HT: 6-10 – WT: 219 – WING: 7-1 1/4 – Fr – Todd is a special talent who can stretch the floor as well as any big forward in this class. He’s an underrated athlete who moves really well for a 6-10 player. He’ll have to get stronger but could pay off big time a year or two down the line. The Wizards got a first round talent here.
32Thunder (from Pistons)Jeremiah Robinson-EarlPF – Villanova – HT: 6-9 – WT: 242 – WING: 6-9 3/4 – So – JRE is a steady, heady and smart player who doesn’t blow you away with speed or scoring ability but just does everything well and plays the game the right way. He’ll bring a steady presence to this young Thunder team, even as a rookie.
33Clippers (from Magic)Jason PrestonPG – Ohio – HT: 6-4 – WT: 180 – WING: 6-8 1/2- Jr – Interesting pick here for the Clippers. Preston is a pass first point guard who knows his role as a play-maker. He’s not a big time athlete and could struggle with NBA speed but has a great feel for the game.
34KnicksRokas JokubaitisPG – Zalgiris (Lithuania) – HT: 6-4 – WT: 194 – WING: NA – Int.00 – Rokas is a rock solid combo guard who has a bright NBA future. Will he come over this year or be stashed for a year or two?
35PelicansHerb JonesSF – Alabama – HT: 6-7 3/4- WT: 206 – WING: 7-0 1/4- Sr – Herb Jones is a long, wiry athlete who is kind of a late bloomer who really came on strong his last year at Alabama. He can guard all over the floor and has great tools to work with and upside to develop. He might not be an instant impact guy but the Pelicans got a good long term player to develop.
36Knicks (from Wolves)Miles McBridePG – West Virginia – HT: 6-2 1/2 – WT: 195 – WING: 6-8 3/4 – So – The Knicks are able to get their guy much later than expected (I had McBride mocked to the Knicks at no.21). A great value at this point in the draft. Miles is tough as nails, is a solid athlete despite being somewhat undersized and plays with a ton of heart.
37Hornets (from Raptors)JT ThorPF – Auburn – HT: 6-9 1/4- WT: 203 – WING: 7-3 1/4 – Fr – Thor has huge upside but will take some time. He’ll probably spend time in the G League and get to develop alongside the young Hornets core. If he had stayed another year at Auburn he might have been in the lottery conversation.
38BullsAyo DosunmuPG – Illinois – HT: 6-5 – WT: 194 – WING: 6-10 1/4 – Jr – The Chicago native goes home to the Bulls. Ayo has first round talent and if his outside shot continues to develop he could be a steal at no.38.
39KingsNeemias QuetaC – Utah St. (Portugal) – HT: 7-0 1/2 – WT: 248 – WING: 7-4 – Jr – Queta goes to a great situation where he’ll have a chance to earn minutes early in his career and get to play alongside some great young guards. He’ll bring a strong interior shot blocking presence to the Kings. Centers aren’t in vogue these days but Queta has a chance to be really good and is good value here.
40Jazz (from Pelicans)Jared ButlerSG – Baylor – HT: 6-3 3/4 – WT: 194 – WING: 6-4 – Jr – Before the health concerns I had Butler rated as high as no.12 on my board. He’s a top 20 talent who falls to no.40 because of those health concerns that came up at the NBA combine. If he’s able to go he’s a steal at this point in the draft and a great fit in Utah as a compliment/running mate to Mitchell.
41SpursJoe WieskampSG – Iowa – HT: 6-7 1/4 – WT: 205 – WING: 6-11 – Jr – The Spurs get a truly elite 3pt shooter who also has good length and size on the wing. He might just be a specialist in the league but he could be a damn good one. It wouldn’t have surprised me if Wieskamp went top 30, he’s that good of a shooter.
42Pistons (from Hornets)Isaiah LiversSF Michigan – HT: 6-7 1/4 – WT: 232 – WING: 6-9 1/4 – Sr – Livers is a solid floor spacer who doesn’t have great quickness but really knows how to play the game.
43Blazers (from Wizards)Greg BrownPF – Texas – HT: 6-8 1/2- WT: 206 – WING: 7-0 1/4 – Fr – One of the most explosive athletes to enter the draft in years but far from being NBA ready. Brown will likely develop in the G League for at least a year. He needs to develop his feel for the game and mature on and off the court but a few years down the line he could really emerge as a player.
44Nets (from Pacers)Kessler EdwardsSF – Pepperdine – HT: 6-8 – WT: 203 – WING: 6-11 1/4 – Jr – Edwards is a standout defender with great instincts and a rock solid frame. His 3pt shot is inconsistent but if it comes around he’ll be a great value at this point in the draft. Probably a top 5-ish defender in this draft.
45CelticsJuhann BegarinSG – Paris (France) – HT: 6-4 – WT: NA – WING: NA – Int02 – Celtics draft a stash player who could pay off a year or two or three down the line. Begarin is a burly 6-4 athlete with great length and elite physical attributes.
46Raptors (from Grizzlies)Dalano BantonPG – Nebraska (Canada) – HT: 6-9 – WT: 204 – WING: NA – So – Banton is a smooth-passing big guard who goes home to Toronto. He’s got a great feel for the game, great size but needs to develop his outside shot. Well worth the gamble at this point in the draft.
47Raptors (from Warriors)
David Johnson
PG – Louisville – HT: 6-4 3/4 – WT: 203 – WING: 6-10 1/2 – So – Johnson is a long, athletic lead guard who had some first round buzz early in the season but fell off with a subpar season.
48Hawks (from Heat)Sharife CooperPG – Auburn – HT: 6-0 – WT: 165 – WING: NA – Fr – Very interesting. Defenses won’t get any rest with Sharife potentially backing up Trae Young in ATL. We didn’t get official measurements on Sharife this draft season so it’ll be interesting to see him stand next to Trae. I think Trae got him by two inches. But even though he’s undersized he’s a dynamo with the ball in his hands and one of the best play-makers to enter the league in a long time.
49Nets (from Hawks)Marcus ZegarowskiSG – Creighton – HT: 6-2 – WT: 181 – WING: 6-2 1/4 – Jr – The Nets add a feisty guard and 3pt specialist to replace Landry Shamet who as traded to the Suns earlier on draft night. Zegarowski is undersized but is tough and big time shot maker.
5076ers (from Knicks)Filip PetrusevC – Mega Bemax (Serbia) – HT: 6-11 – WT: 225 – WING: NA – Int.00 – The former Gonzaga player won an MVP in Europe (Adriatic League) and has a skill-set that should compliment Embiid in Philly. Petrusev can stretch the floor, is a heady passer and solid all around offensive talent.
51ClippersBrandon Boston Jr.SF – Kentucky – HT: 6-7 – WT: 188 – WING: 6-10 3/4 – Fr – A year ago Boston Jr. was considered a likely lottery pick but after a rough season at Kentucky he slides to late second round. The potential is still there and he’s a great value/gamble at this point in the draft. If he can regain his shooting touch and fill out his frame he’s got a real chance to work his way onto a roster.
52PistonsLuka GarzaC – Iowa – HT: 6-11 1/4 – WT: 243 – WING: 7-1 1/2 – Sr – The best player in college basketball last year, Garza was never a highly rated NBA prospect due to his lack of mobility and old school game. Still, he’s a scoring talent who could provide solid back-up big minutes in Detroit.
5376ers (from Mavs)Charles BasseyC – Western Kentucky (Nigeria) – HT: 6-10 1/4- WT: 230 – WING: 7-3 – Jr – Bassey is a great value for the Sixers at no.53. He’s a rim runner, stout defender and solid rebounder with a NBA frame. He’s not a sexy pick but has the tools to develop into a long-term NBA player. That’s all you can ask for this late in the draft.
54BucksSandro Mamukela-shviliC – Seton Hall – HT: 6-10 – WT: 240 – WING: 7-1 1/4- Sr – Sandro is a point-center with great passing vision, handles and an array of offensive moves. He’ll have to improve his defense but has the type of talent that is rare to find in a sturdy 6-10 frame. He’s got a shot to make it.
55Thunder (from Nuggets)Aaron WigginsSG – Maryland -HT: 6-6 – WT: 180 – WING: NA – Jr – Wiggins had a solid pre-draft process and improved his stock enough to land in the late second round. He’ll probably spend a few years in the G League developing but could get some NBA minutes for a rebuilding/tanking Thunder team.
56Hornets (from Clippers)Scottie LewisSG – Florida – HT: 6-5 1/4 – WT: 188 – WING: 7-0 – So – Lewis is a sensational athlete who has been slow to develop his basketball skills. He’s a standout defender and gets out in transition well, which will be fun to watch alongside LaMelo (assuming Lewis gets any minutes for the Hornets). He’s not a shooter and lacks polish and is more of a long term play.
57Pistons (from Nets)Balsa KoprivicaC – Florida State (Serbia) – HT: 7-1 – WT: 230 – WING: 7-3 – So – I like Balsa but am a bit surprised he got drafted. He’s probably a draft and stash player who could return to Europe after playing at Montverde and then Florida State.
58Knicks (from 76ers)Jericho SimsC – Texas – HT: 6-10 – WT: 250 – WING: 7-3 1/4- Sr – Sims is a rock solid physical specimen and one of the most explosive leapers at the center position to ever enter the league. He’s not terribly skilled and doesn’t always have great court awareness and defensive awareness but you can’t teach this type of athleticism. He’s a longer term project with intriguing upside.
59Nets (from Suns)RaiQuan GrayPF – Florida State – HT: 6-7 3/4- WT: 268 – WING: 6-10 3/4 – Jr – Gray was getting some early second round buzz a month or two ago but ends up in the late second. He’s got a unique blend of power and finesse, able to handle the ball and initiate the offense at nearly 270lbs. I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes it in the NBA.
60Bucks (from Jazz)Georgios Kalaitzakis SG – Greece -HT: 6-8 – WT: 200 – WING: NA – Int.99 – A draft and stash player who we might not hear a lot from this year or next. But could pay off down the road.